YouTube: 4 Big Bets for 2024

by | Feb 7, 2024 | News

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has just filed a opinion piece on the social media giant’s blog site outlining YouTube’s major priorities for 2024. We’ve summarised them here;

#1: AI: Partner, not Overlord

YouTube isn’t afraid of AI; they see it as a tool to amplify human creativity, not replace it. New features like Dream Screen let anyone create AI-powered backgrounds for Shorts, while the Music AI Incubator explores AI’s potential in music composition. Democratising access to AI tools is key, and Shorts’ success proves anyone can be a storyteller. AI innovation will fuel even more creation, with YouTube committed to responsible implementation and safeguards.

#2: Creators: The New Studios

Forget “user-generated content.” Creators are shaping the entertainment industry with high-quality narratives. World leaders are even tapping into their reach, recognising their value. YouTube empowers creators to diversify their income through features like channel memberships, with fan funding growing significantly and programmes like the Creator Collective that foster community and collaboration. This year, YouTube aims to highlight creators’ economic and entertainment value to policymakers and industry partners.

#3: Living Room & Subscriptions: YouTube’s Next Frontier

The lines between traditional TV and YouTube are blurring. Viewers crave diverse content, from sports to education, all in one place. YouTube is becoming the go-to platform for living room viewing, with Shorts even thriving on big screens. The success of YouTube TV and surpassing 100 million Music & Premium subscribers showcases growing consumer interest in subscriptions. YouTube is dedicated to delivering a best-in-class experience for both subscriptions and the living room viewing experience.

#4: Responsibility: The Cornerstone

Protecting the YouTube community is paramount. This means high-quality content, a safe space for kids, and accurate information. YouTube supports responsible kid content growth and ensures authoritative sources dominate election news searches. As deepfakes become more sophisticated, YouTube is adapting its policies and adding transparency measures, like labelling synthetic content. They are committed to continuous investment in teams and technologies that safeguard the platform.

You can read the full post here


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