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by | Jan 19, 2023 | Feature

Launching today (January 20), The Drop is an online platform and weekly newsletter dedicated to the world of digital-first talent, content creation and distribution. It is managed by the team that runs the TellyCast Digital Content Forum, an annual event that took place for the first time last November at the BFI, London, in front of a sell-out audience.

The Drop and the Digital Content Forum are both part of the TellyCast stable. Our goal is to create a dedicated resource for the digital-first production business, focusing on stories related to digital creators and platforms.

This doesn’t mean The Drop won’t discuss traditional media companies in its weekly updates; but it will focus purely on their activities in the realm of digital engagement. Short form and vertical video, branded partnerships, social & web series, mobile-first content, metaverse and podcasts will be the sweet spot of stories featuring in The Drop – along with anything else our community signposts us towards.

The Drop starts life with a robust line-up of contacts generated through TellyCast, the Digital Content Forum and its sister event, the Content Funding Festival. But if it is to accurately reflect the interests of the digital-first community it needs input from the target audience – in much the same way digital content creators do.

So, we’re inviting companies operating in this dynamic arena to send us stories. New short form series and channel launches, social TV commissions, branded content partnerships, platform news, licensing agreements, media brand extensions, new creative and commercial appointments, M&As, quarterly results, areas of investment – we’re interested in all of it.

Just send it to press@dropmedia.co.uk. This could be a standard press release, but we’re also interested in seeing newsy blog posts, bullet point summaries or interesting video links – anything that can help us generate the kind of stories that will resonate with this fast-moving community.

Just as with digital-first content, we expect The Drop to iterate and evolve over the first few months. Once the news function is up and running, we’ll create more opportunities for analysis, insight and debate. We’ll keep you posted on this via the website and newsletter, and we welcome any feedback. If you enjoy reading The Drop, please spread the word and share it with friends and colleagues.

Thanks for dropping in!

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