TheSoul Publishing is handed expanded digital content brief by Crayola

by | Jun 20, 2023 | News

Digital content studio TheSoul Publishing (TSP) has extended its partnership with arts and crafts brand Crayola. Building on the success of an initial campaign that boosted Crayola’s YouTube channel performance, the expanded partnership will see TSP working with the brand to increase its presence on YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest. The ultimate ambition is to broaden Crayola’s digital reach and influence.

Explaining the success of the partnership, TSP and Crayola said there had been a surge in organic views, up by more than 40x from the average monthly performance in Q4 2022 compared to April 2023. Other positive metrix included a 30x increase in watch hours and more published videos. Just as importantly, the partnership has fuelled “a significant increase in new subscribers” to Crayola’s YouTube channel.

Commenting, Crayola EVP marketing Victoria Lozano said: “We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with TheSoul Publishing, continuing our mission to elevate our crafting content and enrich our content library. Their global reach and unparalleled ability to create high-quality video content align perfectly with our commitment to inspire creative self-expression in every child. The extraordinary growth we have achieved together validates this partnership, and we are eager to explore the next phase.”

Patrik Wilkens, VP of operations at TheSoul Publishing, added: “As we leverage our content creation expertise to enhance Crayola’s digital channels on YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest, we aim to engage audiences in even more innovative ways.”

The extended collaboration between TheSoul Publishing and Crayola marks a significant digital content partnership aimed at expanding Crayola’s presence across various platforms. With a focus on YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest, TheSoul Publishing will leverage its content creation expertise to engage audiences in innovative ways. This digital content partnership reflects Crayola’s commitment to inspiring creative self-expression in every child, while TheSoul Publishing’s global reach and ability to produce high-quality video content make them the perfect partner for this endeavor.

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