The Sidemen team up with ITV Studios for The Chase: Sidemen Edition

by | Feb 15, 2024 | News

ITV Studios’ quiz show, The Chase has teamed up with The Sidemen to merge traditional TV with digital content creation.

The Chase: Sidemen Edition, launched on The Sidemen’s YouTube channel, and exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes content are featured on The Chase’s official social media platforms.

All seven members of The Sidemen participate in The Chase: Sidemen Edition, with YouTuber Stephen Tries hosting the show. Vikkstar123 takes on the role of The New Chaser. Divided into teams of two, The Sidemen tackle classic segments like the Cashbuilder and the heart-pounding Final Chase.

Tanya Pile, Head of Production at The Sidemen said; “We’re so excited to be collaborating with ITV and Potato on such an iconic show, which is a staple of British TV. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring both the Sidemen and The Chase fans together to create something very special.”

Graham Haigh, EVP of Global Digital Partnerships at ITV Studios, highlighted how this partnership presents new opportunities for popular formats like The Chase to engage with diverse audiences, demonstrating the adaptability and appeal of their shows in the evolving digital landscape.

The Sidemen, initially seven individual YouTubers, united in 2013 as a group. Since then, they have amassed a global audience of more than 84.5 million loyal YouTube subscribers across their channels, along with a collective following of 36.4 million on Instagram.

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