Social media marketers are prioritising nano influencers and short-form video, says HubSpot/Meltwater report

by | May 31, 2023 | News

CRM platform HubSpot and social intelligence firm Meltwater have published an in-depth report about trends in social media marketing across EMEA. Based on responses from 1200 marketers across different jobs and sectors, the report identifies key trends that digital first content creators will need to embrace to stay relevant.

Among top-line findings from the report, HubSpot and Meltwater say social media marketing is being seen as more important within organisations, especially in the wake of recent economic developments. Nearly half (46%) plan to increase budgets in 2023.

In terms of priorities, the partners say that social media marketers are seeking to build active online communities to boost engagement and brand awareness. Close to 90% said this would be “critical to success” in 2023. Respondents say Facebook and Instagram are currently the most effective platforms for community building.

At the same time, three in four agree that most brands will sell products directly within social media apps in 2023. Intriguingly, “nearly 80% expect people to buy products in social media apps more often than they do on third-party sites like Amazon.”

Overall, the report gives the impression that there is a fundamental shift taking place in the way brands and consumers interact online. For example, 84% of surveyed marketers expect young consumers to search for brands on social media more often than on search engines in 2023. Just as significantly, 85% of the surveyed group said they are “swapping celebrities for micro and nano influencers”. These individuals, who typically have less than 10,000 followers, “are less expensive and offer access to tight-knit communities,” according to HubSpot and Meltwater’s analysis.

The survey also picks up on the rapid shift towards short-form video. Nearly half of social media marketers plan to start using TikTok for the first time this year and many say it offers the most potential for growing audiences. “Eight in 10 respondents say TikTok and Instagram Reels are more effective than other formats.”

In terms of core messaging for creators, six in 10 marketers say “production value is far less important than authenticity” when connecting with customers on social media. However, tailoring content “is more important than ever”. More than half tweak content for different channels, and 29% create unique content for each platform.

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