Snapchat unveils launch date for Jameela Jamil mental health series

by | Jan 25, 2023 | News

Social media publisher Snap has dropped a trailer for its exclusive new series I Want To Get Better with Jameela Jamil. The one-minute sneak preview flags up the launch of the eight-parter on Saturday, January 28 and teases some key storylines.

The show, first announced last autumn, is a collaboration between Snapchat and Alaska TV. Over the course of the series, actor, presenter and broadcaster Jamil meets people tackling mental health challenges and shares her own personal wellness journey. She also explores activities and perspectives she hopes will inspire people.

Commenting on the show, Jamil said: “I’m really excited to partner with Snapchat and Alaska TV to release my own Snapchat show about mental health, a topic I’m deeply passionate about. In this show I meet young people taking their mental health into their own hands. I hope their stories combined with some of mine, as well as lessons learned along the way, will help others take steps to improve their mental well-being.”

The show was produced by Alaska TV in association with I Weigh, and executively produced by Jamil. On LinkedIn, showrunner Leila Monks said she was “super proud to have been the showrunner on this series that’s both important and inspirational.” Monks also name-checked a line-up of those involved including series director/producer Rosemary Baker and director of photography Ash Connaughton.

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