Sidemen plan for the Viewture with multi-million pound investment

by | May 5, 2023 | News

YouTube supergroup Sidemen has signed a multi-million-pound deal with innovative investment firm Viewture. The financial injection will be used to grow Sidemen’s online presence and continue its expansion into real world franchising opportunities.

Viewture provides funds for top YouTube talent based on a channel’s advertising revenue. David Page, CEO of the UK-based firm, said: “Sidemen are the biggest box office talent on YouTube right now. We are very excited to sign this funding deal with Sidemen. We look forward to some exciting new content from the boys.”

Sidemen include seven YouTubers from London and streams one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world. The digital first collective consists of internet personalities KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S.

Aaron O’Neill, manager of Sidemen, said, “We firmly believe Sidemen are the biggest British cultural export of this generation. This deal with Viewture is great for the boys and hopefully good news for Viewture. The deal allows the boys to re-invest in their channel and take on some of the many exciting projects we have planned.” Recent Sidemen initiatives have included the launch of a fast food brand called Sides.

The mechanics of the deal sees Viewture pay one lump sum in return for the future advertising rights to Sidemen’s YouTube videos. The company says this is similar to music industry deals where artists sell the rights to their creative work. “Viewture is all about funding exciting creators with a talent for making great content. Sidemen are great ambassadors for the UK and long may their incredible success continue.”

Viewture’s business model is explained on the company’s website. Put simply, the firm provides up-front capital to content creators as an advance on their future advertising revenue. It uses data analytics to predict future AdSense income to produce innovative funding solutions. “Our funding opportunities are focused upon the creators’ preference,” says Viewture, “whether it be an advance on revenue from previous videos or invested capital for revenue from future videos. We structure deals tailored to suit creators’ ambitions and needs. We are in it for the long-term, so we want lasting relationships based on mutual reward: deals that accelerate a creator’s success.”

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