Night Media shakes up studio division, parts company with leadership team

by | Jul 10, 2024 | News

Night Media CEO and founder Reed Duchscher is revamping Night Studios, the production division that he launched in 2022. As part of the shake up, the Night Studios leadership team of Alex Piper (ex-YouTube) and Jared Jacobs (ex-Blumhouse) will leave the company. Duchscher will oversee the division going forward.

Explaining the move, Duchscher said Night Media started the studio “with the goal of helping creators develop premium content for streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. However, after a couple of years, it has not materialised as we had hoped, despite our best efforts. So we are making some changes to the team and direction.”

Duchscher said the company had learned two key things from the Night Studio experience – which he shared via LinkedIn. Firstly, aside from a MrBeast x Amazon project, “streamers are still getting their heads around the power of creators to tell stories and move audiences. We hope to see more progress in this area soon.” Secondly: “Most top creators no longer view premium distribution as the ultimate goal.”

On the latter point, he said: “While we agree, we also see a powerful opportunity to extend brands and open new revenue streams on platforms beyond YouTube, TikTok, etc. We remain excited about our existing slate of projects in development.”

Duchscher was philosophical about the studio’s difficulties: “Not everything works. When you’re pushing the boundaries in a new field like we are at Night, some things don’t meet your expectations, and changes are necessary. We have some new ideas about where the opportunities in this space lie and hope to share news soon.”

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