LADbible Group launches LADstudios into US, unveils debut formats

by | Jul 3, 2023 | News

LADbible Group launches LADstudios, its factual entertainment division, in the US. According to LBG, the move will “cement the publisher’s ambition to develop original content in the region. This is to target younger generation on its platforms.”

LBG stated that LADstudios will focus on producing dedicated content for an American audience. Additionally, it aims to build AFP commissions and sponsorships while driving growth in direct revenue with UNILAD which currently has 58.6 followers across multiple platforms.

The company said that UNILAD will be the central point of the group’s offering in the US. Currently, UNILAD has an existing US reach of over a hundred million on its Facebook page. It also has 17.2 million US users a month on its website.

The launch of LADstudios in the US is marked by the release of three new digital-first content formats. LADbible Group launches LADstudios to target the American audience with dedicated content. These formats include Get A Job, a straight-to-camera format that features celebrity-focused interviews. The show puts stars to work with a series of questions and challenges related to their lives and careers. Several episodes of Get A Job have already been made featuring the likes of Tom Holland (pictured).

Expanding Reach and Engaging Audiences in the US

Another original series is Grub or Gourmet, hosted by Marco Lombardi, which explores high and low-end eats through a cultural lens. Finally there is Don’t Hang Up, which LBG calls “the first-ever prank call competition show”. In each episode, LADbible will pit three comics against each other to see who can complete the most pranks.

Joseph Summers, VP of LADbible Group US said: “We look forward to ramping up our production with our new slate of formats and working with some of the biggest A-list talent in the US to help service brands, partners and young communities. We’re fortunate that we already have a highly engaged American audience, and we can’t wait to see the response when we deliver tailored content produced in the market.”

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