Konbini deal with France’s 6Play flags digital-first opportunity on FAST

by | Feb 13, 2023 | News

One of the hottest topics in the global content business right now is the growth of ad-supported FAST channels – a boom market in the US and Europe.

Until now, the opportunity has typically been framed as a chance for TV studios and IP owners to generate a new revenue stream via emerging platforms such as Pluto TV, Tubi, Roku and Samsung TV Plus. Alongside established channel operators, companies like Banijay, Fremantle and All3Media have all been busy creating new FAST channels based around genres or specific pieces of IP and talent.

Coming into 2023, though, it looks like FAST is also capturing the attention of digital-first studios, which see a gateway to repurpose their content for the big screen.

In France, for example, digital first youth platform Konbini has just done a deal that will see it launch a new FAST channel on 6play, an AVOD streaming platform operated by French broadcaster M6 Group (part of RTL). Launching in March, the new channel is called Konbini 24/24. Targeted at Gen Z and millennials, the channel will carry around 50 hours of programming based around its most popular online content.
Explaining how the partnership will work, Frédéric de Vincelles, M6 ​​Group head of programming in charge of digital platforms and sport, said Konbini’s content is being “reworked and re-edited by the Konbini and 6play teams. It will be able for the first time to be consumed on television screens in new long versions”

Konbini launched in 2008 and has built up a robust audience across social media platforms and its own website. Titles that will feature on the new FAST channel include Club format, Fast & Curious, Shooting Secrets and Good Job. Another ambition is for the channel to carry content spun-off from existing M6 programmes. Speaking from the studio’s perspective, Konbini general manager Irakli Lobzhanidze told French media outlet Le Figaro the plan is to “be less dependent on a single source of income.”

Digital-first studios will be watching initiatives like Konbini 24/24 with interest, to see if it is possible to build a new revenue stream in this way off the back of their original IP. Speaking to The Drop earlier this year, LADbible Group’s director of creative strategy Thom Gulseven, said he sees an emerging opportunity in FAST. “Having content that we own and repurpose into different lengths means there is an opening for us to work with platforms like Pluto and Roku. It is something we’re investigating in 2023”.

Digital-first studios that have already established a foothold in FAST include Vevo, which has created a portfolio of music-themed channels for leading platforms. Vice Media is another that is building a bouquet of youth-skewing FAST channels.

The idea that digital-first content can hold its own on the big screen is something that YouTube has also pushed. During the pandemic, the platform reported that around 25% of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers in the US were watching primarily on TV.

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