Gleam Futures makes bold stand against beauty filters

by | Jun 27, 2023 | News

Creator and influencer agency Gleam Futures has called on UK legislators to toughen up the law relating to social media beauty filters like TikTok’s Bold Glamour.

With the government currently preparing the details of its heavily-flagged online safety bill, Gleam Futures managing director Melanie Kentish is calling for beauty filters to be labeled as ‘harmful content’. Launching a new manifesto, the Gleam Futures chief also suggests that #filtered could be added onscreen when influences use filters.

Explaining its stance, Gleam Futures said: “We are in a self-worth crisis, where young people are being misled by beauty filters; affecting their mental health with distorted ideals of beauty. As the UK’s leading talent management company, responsible for an audience of millions, we had to act. That’s why we’re launching Bold Influence: a mission to take a stand against Bold Glamour – and every filter like it.”

Gleam Futures said: “This is the first step of many in creating a more ethical and transparent industry, by putting Bold Influence at the heart of what we do and who we represent. We are already encouraging our creators to not use beauty filters – or to tag them when they do – and we encourage you to join us on this journey.”

The agency’s position already has the backing from some MPs, including Conservative MP Luke Evans, who first advocated the inclusion of filter disclosure in the new bill. However not everyone agrees that legislation is the right approach. There are concerns that such a law would be difficult to police, difficult to apply and may led to unexpected consequences. Instead, some suggest that the responsibility lies with brands not to financially support misleading beauty representations.

One brand that has taken a leading in this area is Dove, which has just won a Cannes Lions Grand Prix for its highly-impactful Turn Yor Back campaign.

Gleam Futures, which is part of agency giant Dentsu, recently announced new signings in F1’s Lissie Mackintosh and Sephy & Wing.

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