eOne unveils podcast-to-TV partnership with Canadaland

by | May 26, 2023 | News

Hasbro-owned film & TV studio Entertainment One (eOne) has sealed a first-look deal with online news/podcasting platform Canadaland. The goal of the partnership is for eOne to adapt Canadaland’s podcasts into scripted and non-scripted TV shows.

Commenting on the deal, Jocelyn Hamilton, president for Canada at eOne Television, said: “Partnering with a dynamic podcast network like Canadaland allows us access to an array of fascinating stories. By leaning into the podcast to broadcast approach, we’re broadening our search for more incredible and thought-provoking content.”

eOne and Canadaland have worked together before. Previously, eOne allied with Canadaland and Anishinaabe writer/journalist Ryan McMahon on Thunder Bay, a docuseries for streaming platform Crave based on the podcast of the same name. That project explored the deaths of indigenous teen in the Ontario city of Thunder Bay.

Aside from Thunder Bay, podcasts produced under the Canadaland umbrella include White Saviors, which explores corruption in a prominent Canadian charity, and Cool Mules, about a cocaine-smuggling ring led by Slava P, a former Vice Media editor.

All projects that come to fruition through the deal will be coproduced by eOne and Canadaland, with eOne handling global distribution of the TV content.

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