Descript survey spotlights creative and commercial impact of Generative AI

by | Jul 19, 2023 | News

Almost two-thirds of content creators have tried using generative AI tools, according to Descript, a US-based company that provides a state of the art full-workflow video and audio editor system. The eye-catching figure is one of several AI-related findings to emerge from Descript’s first Creativity in the Age of AI Report.

Explaining the backdrop to its findings, Descript said: “A year ago, few creators had seen or heard of, let alone used generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E, but our new survey shows that nearly two-thirds of podcasters, YouTubers, and social-media video creators have used those tools to make higher quality, more creative content.”

Descript, in partnership with Ipsos, surveyed 1,004 podcasters, YouTubers, and short-form video creators to learn about their use of and feelings about AI. Among its key findings, the company found that: “creators believe AI tools will lead to better, more creative content. The creators we surveyed understand the benefits of generative AI and expect it to lead to positive changes in the creator economy over the next year.”

In terms of usage, 65% of creators have already used generative AI tools in their creative work, and 78% say they are likely to use the tools moving forward. 77% said it will “better the quality of content” and 71% predicted greater accuracy. 80% “predict the time savings from generative AI will be a significant change for the better”.

Among those who have already started using generative AI, 53% said it had improved the quality of their content and 52% said it has enhanced their creativity.

In terms of patterns, early adopters of generative AI tend to be more successful as creators. “Respondents who say they’ve used generative AI in their workflows report a median of roughly 4,800 followers compared to roughly 1,400 among those who haven’t started using AI tools. These early adopters also report a median income of nearly $16,000, versus $2,000 for creators who say they haven’t used AI tools.”

Text tools get the most use (so far). Creators surveyed are more likely to use text generation tools like ChatGPT than any other type of AI tool with 22% reporting regular or somewhat regular use. Only 13% of respondents say they have never heard of text generation tools. 45% said they have tried or regularly use AI text-generation tools.

Ashley Hamer, managing editor at Descript, said: “We’re already seeing a huge wave of adoption of generative AI tools among creators, and this is just the beginning. The technology is advancing so rapidly and it’s getting better and more accurate every day. As creators get more hands-on experience with it and ease into adopting the tech into their daily workflow, the sky is the limit for the type and volume of content we’ll see.”

Video creator Meredith Marsh, a YouTube creator with nearly 75,000 subscribers, added: “A lot of people are afraid that AI will replace our ability to create content, or that there will be so much AI generated content that there’s no place for the humans. But for me, it’s actually amplified my creativity and my ability to put out content — when I have a seedling of an idea, I’ve used AI to help me expand on that idea.”

A sample of 1,004 podcasters and video creators was interviewed online for the survey. After the survey was concluded, Descript performed qualitative interviews over the internet with six creators — three podcasters and three video creators.

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