Bengtsson upped to MD of Sidemen management firm Arcade Media

by | Jul 4, 2023 | News

Victor Bengtsson (pictured) has been named as managing director of Arcade Media, the company that manages leading digital-first talent including the Sidemen.

Commenting on his appointment as managing director, Arcade Media MD Bengtsson said: “Working with this team has been the highlight of my career so far. This journey started two years ago when AaronJordan and Sam (the co-founders of Arcade Media) approached me to discuss the Sidemen brand and where the boys could go next. When they gave final sign off to get me in, I knew it could be the start of something big. What followed has blown my mind — the 2021 Charity Match, the Swedish Sidemen Sundays and the launch of Side+ being particular personal highlights.”

Arcade co-founder Jordan Schwarzenberger (former chief creative at YMU) added: “When we started this project, nothing was assumed. The Sidemen brand could have simply tracked upwards, as it had for many years. No one expected the rapid scale up that has actually happened. Much of that is down to Victor.”

A Vision for Growth and Innovation

Arcade Media MD Bengtsson joined Arcade from Fnatic as head of special projects – having previously also worked at auto manufacturer, Volvo. He quickly rose to become Arcade’s head of content before taking on the MD role. During his time at the firm, the Sidemen brand has grown rapidly. It has grown its core fanbase, building out a subscription model and extending into consumer products. Looking ahead, the new MD said: “The second half of 2023 will be one of our biggest moments ever.”

Arcade was formed in 2021 by Schwarzenberger and Aaron O’Neill (formerly Mammoth Talent Director) with support from part time financial director Sam Uwins. Alongside The Sidemen, the company launched with Holly H on its roster. Arcade Media has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of the Sidemen and their content distribution platforms. It is recognised as one of the fastest-growing content distribution platforms.

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