Unilever and TikTok announce creator-led #CleanTok partnership

by | Jun 28, 2023 | News

TikTok has unveiled a partnership with FMCG giant Unilever around its #CleanTok community, which the platform says has generated 78 billion views to date.

Explaining the backdrop, TikTok said the cleaning-obsessed community “has taken the once mundane category of cleaning and turned it into one of the most loved and entertaining genres on TikTok. Whether you’re someone who cleans because you have to, because you like it, or because it’s therapeutic, the #CleanTok community has become the place for fellow Cleantokers to connect, share life-changing hacks, learn professional tips, gather proven product recommendations and more.”

Under the partnership, TikTok is working with Unilever to co-create and curate content specifically for cleaning fans across the globe. Together with Unilever, Gravity Road and Mindshare, TikTok said it will “release a variety of dedicated CleanTok content series and programme activations across a 40 week period.”

Examples include Sunday Reset. Inspired by the global phenomenon of ‘resetting’ for the week ahead, this creator-generated content series shows how different people tackle the weekly refresh, highlighting the art of digital content creation. Another series is Cleaning Conundrum: this is a creator-led content that highlights the best and most entertaining hacks and tricks for getting the home from grimy to gleaming all captured in a neatly packaged TikTok

There will also be a strand called Festival of Cleaning. This will encompass a 6-week editorial content series featuring the platform’s top creator-generated cleaning content. Tailored to the #Cleantok community in the UK, The Festival of Cleaning taps into big cleaning moments as well as local trends. There will also be the #CleanTok Awards: a series of awards to celebrate and elevate the most engaging, helpful and entertaining content and creators within this global community.To kick-off the partnership, TikTok and Unilever are working with @HomewithAziza (223.2k followers), @Cleaning_at83 (1.1m followers) and @Cleanpedia_UK (5361 followers)

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