Snapchat+ hits subscriber landmark…while Meta targets Twitter with Threads

by | Jul 5, 2023 | News

Short-form social media platform Snapchat has heralded further growth for its subscription service Snapchat+. Released a year ago today, the service now boasts a total subscriber base of 4 million, marking a significant milestone.

Commenting, Snapchat said: “a year ago, we introduced Snapchat+, which offers access to exclusive, experimental and pre-release features. Snapchat+ subscribers love the frequent feature drops that enhance communication with their closest friends, favourite creators. This allows them to customise the look and feel of their app.”

Illustrating the benefits of the service, Snapchat said: “In the past twelve months, subscribers got a first look at brand new offerings like Snapchat for Web and our AI powered Chatbot, My AI. They now have access to over 20 features, including custom app themes, unique app icons, and the ability to pin their #1 BFF.”

Snapchat+ users can anticipate upcoming offers, such as ‘Expressive Chat Messages’, which all users to “express themselves with BIG reactions, or share a small note”. Also coming is ‘Custom Chat Colors’, which allows users to “pick a hue that feels like you for your messages to friends.” These features build upon the 4 million subscriber landmark.

Meta’s Strategic Move: Threads Taking Aim at Twitter

Meanwhile, in separate platform news, Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) is poised to launch a new app called Threads. The app looks like a direct rival to Twitter. Linked to Instagram, the app will go live on Thursday, July 6. Meta has so far described it as a “text-based conversation app…where communities come together.”

The move looks like an attempt by Meta to capitalise on the controversy surrounding Twitter. This is since it was acquired by entrepreneur Elon Musk. Details about Threads remain limited, but it will be free to use and combine Twitter-style functionality with familiar Instagram branding. Meta’s strategic move showcases their intent to enter the conversation and social media space with a unique offering.

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