BBC Motion Gallery partners ABKCO on Rolling Stones short form series

by | Feb 14, 2023 | News

BBC Motion Gallery, the archives division of BBC Studios, has linked up with indie record label ABKCO to create a short form series about iconic rock group The Rolling Stones. The six-part series, The Rolling Stones Chronicles, launched on ABKCO’s Vevo-hosted YouTube channel on February 9 and will run every week until mid-March.

Co-produced by the two companies, each of the six documentary shorts features a different ‘60s-era hit song by The Stones as its soundtrack. The music is combined with thematically relevant interview clips from the band and contemporaneous historical figures, interspersed with historical footage of related world events.

Episode 1, for example, is a 3-4 minute film which explains the influence of early rock and roll and Chicago blues on the band. Set against the sound of The Last Time, it features footage of B.B. King, Little Richard and other heroes of the Stones.

“The Rolling Stones Chronicles puts the band’s music in context with history,” said Robin Klein, exec producer of the series. “While they were very much of that time, The Rolling Stones served as a vehicle for, and reflected and inspired, change.”

Samira Choudhury, producer for BBC Motion Gallery, added: “This project provided a unique opportunity to unearth contemporary and authentic voices from the BBC’s archive to give deeper meaning to the Rolling Stones’ most influential records, and show how the cultural and societal shifts of the 60s still resonate today.”

The Rolling Stones Chronicles is a great example of how traditional media companies and independent labels can come together to create compelling online content. By leveraging ABKCO’s expertise in music and BBC Motion Gallery’s access to historical footage, the series has been able to provide a fresh perspective on one of the greatest rock bands of all time. This collaboration also demonstrates the importance of having a solid digital content strategy, particularly in the era of streaming and digital platforms.

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