Pearpop links brands and creators with Boost Mode feature

by | Jul 20, 2023 | News

Online platform Pearpop, which describes itself as a marketplace for social collaborations, has unveiled a new feature called ‘Boost Mode’. Designed to strengthen the bond between brands and digital-first creators, it allows brands that are active on the platform to transform high-performing creator content into paid ad campaigns.

In simple terms, Boost Mode allows brands to preview live content on Pearpop to assess which posts are performing well in terms of views, likes and engagement. With permission from the creators, it can then convert the content into ads. The upside for creators is that they receive a reward when a brand selects their content.

The process begins with creators being set a ‘Pearpop Challenge’. This is a pre-existing feature on the platform that invites creators to post a piece of content that meets certain defined specifications. Assuming that brands have input into the criteria of some Pearpop Challenges, the result is that they are able to compare the performance of difference executions that are already in line with their marketing requirements.

The new feature was announced by Pearpop CEO Cole Mason via Instagram. He said: “Boost Mode allows brands to add paid amplification with just one click to the top-performing posts in their Pearpop Challenge. This allows brands to scale what works, simply and instantly… It combines the authenticity and credibility of creator content with the scale and power of paid — all at the click of a button.”

With Boost Mode, Pearpop is attempting something similar to TikTok’s new ‘Creative Challenge’ which was launched a few weeks ago. That also attempts to streamline and accelerate the relationship between brands and creators – offering brands a portfolio of proven content and giving creators a potential new revenue stream for their work.

Founded in 2020, Pearpop’s collaborative model is designed to support both brand-to-creator and creator-to-creator collaboration. So far it has had a lot of success attracting major brands like Amazon and celebrities such as The Weeknd and Post Malone. The platform is also popular with the investment community. A 2022 Series A funding round raised $18m – giving the platform a valuation of around $300 million.

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