LADbible Australia ramps up production around new YouTube channel

by | Feb 2, 2023 | News

LADbible Group’s (LBG) Australian division is launching a new Australian YouTube channel and three locally produced digital first series. As part of the company’s expansion into the market, it is also opening a new dedicated studio in Sydney.

The first of the three series is called Hindsight, and focuses on people who have made transformative decisions or chosen unique pathways in life. From changing religions or joining the military, to face tattoos, ex-convicts and cult leavers, the series explores their journeys, and what they wish they knew beforehand. Hindsight’s first episode was released this week on the new channel, and six more will follow, every two weeks.

The second series, Chances, features sporting celebrities and teams, taking part in light-hearted; while the last of the trio, MySide, will feature interviews with an array of personalities, dissecting key events that have shaped their reputation in the public space. The series features an ex-pornstar, trans-advocate, and social and reality TV celebrity, a heroin-addict and personal trainer. Episode one will be available from March 6.

Mel Ho, head of content at LADbible Australia, said: “We’ve grown our editorial and social presence since our launch in 2019, and have already had huge success with our premium original content through our Unheard series. We want to double down on offering local, premium content in 2023, as well as create more opportunities to partner local brands.”

LADbible Australia is planning more original series later in the year. Locals, The Bench and FYI are planned titles that will be housed on the new YouTube channel and also published across LADbible Australia’s Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels.

Founded in 2019, the Australian arm of LADbible Group reaches an audience of 10.8m every month and achieves 187.4M 1 minute+ video views on average every month across its brands, including LADbible Australia, SPORTbible Australia and GOODLAD. LADbible Australia recorded a page following increase of 43% in 2022.

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