Jungle’s Engaged brings emotion and empowerment to toilet talk

by | Mar 14, 2023 | News

At last November’s first-ever Digital Content Forum in London, a group of leading digital first creators gave sneak previews of original projects they were working on.

One of the projects was Engaged, a female-focused short-form series presented by Jungle Creations director of video Charley Sutton. Roll forward to March 2023 and the series has just launched to coincide with International Women’s Day. The series starts with the premise that the women’s toilet “isn’t just a place for a wee and topping up your mascara”. Building on this insight, it uses the female restroom “as a precinct for women to share something about themselves”.

In each episode, two women with unique stories and challenges sit in adjacent toilet cubicles. With the wall between them, they each tell each other their story. Each episode is themed and covers key topics such as Dating, Grief and Body Image. The women driving the narrative have something in common, but approach each topic from different perspectives. Together, says Jungle “the women laugh, cry, relate to each other’s stories and advise on what they’d do. Once they’ve told each other their situations, they emerge from their cubicles and meet each other properly”.

According to Sutton, the series subjects were identified by gathering insights into what female audiences were talking about on social media. She said the series taps into themes of “diversity, empowerment and celebrating who you are”.

The new series can be viewed on Jungle’s female-focused YouTube channel Four Nine. However it is also available across platforms. According to Sutton, it is available as “Longform 5-7 minutes, Midform 3-5 minutes and 1 min cutdowns for shortform”.

The series was produced by Jungle Creations with Katie Horswell and Charley Sutton as executive producers. The director was Natalja Safronova and the videographer was Bobbi Talbot. Talbot also edited alongside Charlie Colwill and Matt Boner.

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