Former YouTube Originals’ Luke Hyams launches new prod co with The Sidemen Doc

by | Feb 15, 2024 | News

Former YouTube Originals EMA boss Luke Hyams and Sunita Mirchandani Hyams have launched a new production company called Pangaea. 

The company’s debut production The Sidemen Story has premiered exclusively on Netflix UK, capturing the remarkable decade-long journey of Europe’s most popular YouTube group.

Luke Hyams, formerly of YouTube and The Walt Disney Company, has previously worked in interactive drama and his wife industry veteran Sunita Mirchandani Hyams aim to create scripted and unscripted ‘premium content that transcends borders’ and ‘purposeful entertainment promoting stories that foster cross-cultural collaboration’.

Pangaea is ‘actively developing a diverse range of projects, collaborating with emerging and established talent to create engaging programming for a young global audience’ and they are highlighting digital creators and emerging talent as collaborators.

Pangaea is currently working on a new talk show format titled ‘Work in Progress’ with broadcaster Julie Adenuga, set for release in 2024, and an undisclosed music feature documentary.

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