Endevr and Royal Foundation projects shine light on misery of homelessness

by | Jul 11, 2023 | News

Quintus Studios has launched a new documentary on its Endevr channel that addresses the issue of homelessness. Called Poverty in Paradise, the film explores the homeless problem in Las Vegas just a few miles from the glitz and glamour of the casino strip.

Quintus Studios creative director Adam Jacobs said the production depicts “some desperate situations but also great characters and heart-warming stories told from several perspectives. Proud to have brought this to Quintus and a big shout out to James Dann and Josh Westover for producing and directing it – great job team.”

Quintus is a multi-faceted business that operates across both traditional TV and digital-first platforms. Best known as a distributor, it increasingly acts as a commissioner for its portfolio of owned and operated channels. Endevr is one of several factual-themed YouTube channel brands – alongside Free Documentary, FD Real, FD History, FD Nature and FD Paranormal. QuintusMedia also owns and operates FAST channel Radical Docs which is available on platforms including Rakuten TV.

In a separate homelessness-related story, a series of short films has been produced to support the launch of Homewards, a 5-year programme that aims to demonstrate homelessness can be ended. Based across six UK locations (Sheffield, Newport, Aberdeen, Lambeth, Northern Ireland, Bournemouth), the project was launched by The Prince of Wales and The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales.

Discussing Homewards via LinkedIn, producer/showrunner Leila Monks said: “I had the privilege of creating films about each location – telling their stories and giving a platform to voices often left unheard”. The films, which are available on the Homewards YouTube channel, were directed/executive produced by Monks. Other key credits included: DOP Ash Connaughton; editors Beth Lishmund and Simon Whyard. The project is credited as a production of The Royal Foundation.

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