Cowshed Collective’s Ford and Hamizadeh launch branded content agency CoLab X

by | Jul 18, 2023 | News

Cowshed Collective MD Matt Ford is launching a new agency that will “unite talent and brands through content”. Called CoLab X, the agency is co-founded by Ford and another member of Cowshed Collective’s leadership team Maryam Hamizadeh.

Explaining the goal of the new agency, Ford said CoLab X will partner “exceptional talent with forward-thinking brands to create content that drives a deeper connection with audiences through shared values, messaging and purpose.”

Specialising in sport, entertainment, digital creators and music, the agency will work with trusted partners “to build ground-breaking partnerships in a fast paced and rapidly changing world via branded content, IP ventures and new commercial partnerships Our handpicked team of industry leaders is made up of former commercial, IP, entertainment, content and talent specialists.”

According to Ford, CoLab X has been launched with the blessing of his former employers. He called the agency “a partnership” with social content production firm Cowshed Collective “to create the best made-for-platform content for our trusted partners. I’d like to say a special thanks to George Cowin and Ryan O’ Shea for their support and I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together.”

Ford, who previously worked at Channel 4, BBC and UNILAD, said: “Having launched social branded content offerings for the UK’s best media businesses over the past few years I’ve always prided myself on growing the market. I believe there is a real opportunity for brands to partner with talent to create branded content that drives a deeper connection with social audiences, and to create content they want to make with brands they want to work with. All distributed to the talent’s loyal fanbase on their own social channels. That’s where CoLab X comes in.”

Adding details regarding the company’s launch team, he said: “I’d like to give a massive shout out to my business partner Maryam Hamizadeh. I’m thrilled to be doing this with you and I’m looking forward to achieving great things. A big shout out to our incredible day one team Robyn Vanoli-Richardson and Meg Rotheroe Hemming, two talent industry experts, and to Michele Rinchiuso, our non-exec.”

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