Channel 4.0 greenlights female fronted prank show, Tapped Out

by | Apr 25, 2023 | News

Channel 4.0, Channel 4’s digital-first brand for YouTube, has surpassed 25 million views and attracted 104k subscribers, in just six months. To mark this milestone, the digital first channel has announced all-female line-up prank show, Tapped Out.

Since its launch in October, Channel 4.0 has driven over 25 million views, with the 13-24 demo accounting for 82% of views. 120 days from launch, the channel has established a loyal core audience, with 84% of views coming from returning users.

To date, 17 series have been commissioned for Channel 4.0, with over half produced by independent producers that are new to Channel 4, with over 80% of the on-screen talent brand new to Channel 4. The channel claims that it has received an “overwhelmingly positive reaction” to its shows and featured talent, including Chunkz, Nella Rose, Mist, Harry Pinero, Adeola Patronne, Spuddz and America Foster.

Sacha Khari, head of digital commissioning at Channel 4 said: “Channel 4.0 was born to reach young people authentically and meaningfully on the platforms they are spending a chunk of their time, so to see that over 80% of views are coming from under 24s at this point is incredible. Creating a new loyalty to Channel 4 from a generation who are saturated with choice, has been a really exciting challenge to solve and with digital constantly evolving, we’re still trialling, learning and looking closely at the data and ‘vibes’ to ensure 4.0 continues on this trajectory.”

The new commission, Tapped Out, is six-part prank series commissioned by Evie Buckley and produced by Wall of Productions, where Nella Rose and friends will turn practical jokers as they see who can last the longest in a range of hilarious and cringe-worthy situations, aiming to execute the wildest pranks possible. Wall of Productions, the producer of Tapped Out, has extensive experience in creating innovative online content and leveraging digital media marketing to reach and engage audiences on various digital platforms. With their solid digital content strategy and expertise in content distribution, they are well-equipped to help Channel 4.0 achieve even greater success in the digital realm.

Buckley, digital commissioning editor at Channel 4.0, said: “Nella, Adeola, Chloe and Mariam are the new and authentic friendship group Channel 4.0 has been looking for with their next level chemistry and infectiously chaotic vibes. I’m so excited, and terrified, to let them loose pranking each other in public and can’t wait to share a series that will no doubt be full of uncontrollable laughter and boundary pushing mischief.”

Tapped Out is produced by Wall of Productions, with executive producers Tafara Makopa, Percelle Ascott and Joivan Wade. Makopa said: “Tapped Out really showcases how talented these four creators are – they’ll make our viewers feel as though they want to join their friendship circle. I cannot wait for the world to see this one – we are really proud to be at the heart of producing such fun female-led content.”

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