Bridgstock joins Jungle Creations as executive director of data & product

by | Jun 9, 2023 | News

Anna-Lee Bridgstock has joined Jungle Creations & The Wild By Jungle as executive director of data & product. Announcing the news, Jungle Creations CEO Melissa Chapman called Bridgstock “an absolute force in our industry” adding that “innovation and craft have never been guesswork for us, with an analytical and data-led approach at the core of all we do.”

Commenting via LinkedIn, Bridgstock said: “I’m excited to announce I’m starting a new journey (at Jungle). As a social publisher, Jungle Creations reaches over 145 million people monthly. Our social-born media brands represent audience passion points and interests; ranging from food (Twisted) and crafts (Craft Factory), to entertainment (VT), female-focused content (Four Nine) and animals (Lovimals). We have a proven track record of blending online and offline experiences, from launching cookbooks to developing IRL food products available in Iceland stores.”

As for The Wild by Jungle, she added: “With our extensive experience in the social realm, we leverage insights from our own thriving social brands to create captivating full-service social solutions and deliver exceptional outcomes for clients. If you’re a brand seeking a social agency or an agency looking for a content partner, we’d love to hear from you.”

Bridgstock has worked at several leading digital first players including LADbible Group and BBC Studios. Most recently, she was partner – analytics and insight products at Freemavens.

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