BBC Podcasts unveils slate of new and returning true crime shows

by | Mar 28, 2023 | News

BBC Podcasts has announced the return of two popular true crime series: Lady Killers and The Lazarus Heist. It has also unveiled a new series called Killing Victoria, which takes an innovative look at the various failed assassination attempts against the influential British Monarch.

Hosted by British historian Dr. Lucy Worsley, Lady Killers is a historical true crime podcast in which Worsley partners with a team of women detectives to investigate 100-200 year old crimes of women, from a contemporary feminist perspective.

Over the course of 10 episodes, Lady Killers will unpack eight new centuries-old crimes, including that of Margaret Garner, an enslaved Black woman in Civil War America, and Jane Toppan, a Massachusetts serial killer nicknamed Jolly Jane.

Following its Peabody-nominated first season, The Lazarus Heist podcast continues an in-depth look at what investigators claim is a secretive ring of elite North Korean hackers. They are nicknamed the Lazarus Group and have now been accused of more bank heists, teaming up with sophisticated dark web criminals. Hosted by Jean Lee and Geoff White, The Lazarus Heist season 2 will investigate claims that the hackers have connected with partners in crime around the world. The series begins with the story of a massive heist on ATMs, taking place in 28 countries, on the same day. Episode 1 of The Lazarus Heist season 2 premieres Monday, March 27th and episodes will be released weekly on-demand across all major podcast platforms.

As for Killing Victoria, the 63-year-long reign of Queen Victoria saw seven separate men try to kill her. Each could have brought the Victorian era to a premature end, yet all of them have been forgotten to history. Narrated by Dr. Bob Nicholson, historian of Victorian pop culture, the series seeks to answer the question of what led these men to try to kill the most famous and influential woman on the planet.

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