Arcade reports stellar response to latest drop of Sidemen’s 20 vs 1 format

by | Jan 31, 2023 | News

Digital talent agency Arcade Media has reported a strong audience response to the latest content drop from YouTube super group and content creators The Sidemen.

Speaking via his LinkedIn post, Arcade Media director and The Sidemen head of content Victor Bengtsson said 20 Women vs 1 Sidemen: Kai Cenat Edition generated “millions of views within hours”. At time of writing, the 52-minute episode, featuring US rapper Cenat, had racked up more than 18 million views in its first week.

Bengtsson said the video, which launched on January 22, was “the best-performing of recent times, and the top-performer of (The Sidemen’s) past ten uploads.”

Dissecting the reasons behind the episode’s robust performance, Bengtsson said it was partly down to the strength of the format: “20 vs 1 is our top-performing content strand currently and this was the eighth in the series. It was always going to bang — the question was not whether it would pop off, just how much.”

Added to this was the ease with which Cenat, a high-profile content creator on Twitch, adapted to the format; which sees the featured talent select a date from one of 20 female contestants: “He is effortlessly hilarious and likeable,” said Bengtsson. “Translating from Twitch to YouTube is not easy, but he did it brilliantly. He offered a striking, top-tier moment every time a new contestant was brought out.”

The 20 Women vs 1 Sidemen format has been running for about a year, with top performing episodes generating around 30 million views.

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